Comments from customers

We will post comments and impressions on MISAYMA Rental Kimono from customers who visited us.

Customer who went to a friend's birthday party
I was looking for a such kind of Kimono for a long time. Finally found it in MISAYAMA. I was so happy and this Kimonos was a surprise at the party.
Customer who attended a friend's wedding ceremony
There are so many Houmongi Kimono that I want to try. This time I picked up a fancy colorful one, I think I will try a simple and mature one next time!
Customer who attended Mei Flower Festival
This is the first time I wore Kimono. I thought this might be tired but it was totally not! I even felt lonely when I had to put off my Kimono. Next time I will wear Kimono to flower festival.
Sightseeing couple
My Kimono was totally different from other tourists’. That feeling was so great. I can tell that people around was looking at me with appreciate. My size is small, so I was worry about the fitness of the Kimono. But now I know there is no need to worry. I was so beautiful in Kimono.
Customer who went to Kabuki
I left coordination up to the staff and they recommended me a color I have never tired. But it surprisingly fits me so well. This time I also want to try a new color, that’s why I like rental Kimono.
Customer who attended sister’s Coming of Age Ceremony
I am so satisfied by the Kimono and service. And I even got a beautiful bag as gift because of the sale campaign. I like it so much and so does my sister. lol
Customer who want to find a dress for the party in a foreign country
I want to find a unique and bold Kimono, but there is little of this type. A little bit disappointed.
Customers who suddenly need a Kimono
I suddenly need a Kimono for a dinner party. I got OK when I called them. Because I can return on next day, I enjoyed my dinner without any worry about time. When I returned my Kimono, they also recommended me some good restaurants for my trip in Kyoto.
A professional Kimono coordinator who came to company her friend
To be honest, I didn’t expect much about rental Kimono, but the quality of Kimono here really surprised me! I worn my Kimono this time, but next I want to try rental Kimono here.
Customer who went to a dinner party
It was going to rain according to the weather forecast, so I got a Kimono raincoat from the store. They gave me some advice on how to wear Kimono on a rainy day, including how to get on and off a taxi, which was so nice and useful.
Customer who experience Kimono for the first time
I didn’t know that wearing Kimono was so interesting. I was so excited about the various color I could choose. I got a frank OK whenI asked about could I arrive 30 minutes before their usual opening time.
Customer who need Kimono for a business party
At first, I wanted to choose casual course due to the price. But when I saw the real upgrade Kimono, I changed my idea because I really could feel the different quality and beauty. I made a difficult decision that I changed to the most expensive Kimono from the cheapest one!
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