Kimono Q&A

Is there difference between Haori and Coat?
A. They are totally different. Haori is not formal attire, but coat depended on the pattern can be formal attire.
Is there any rule for the color of Kimono?
A. No, there isn’t. But usually we were refreshing color in summer and warm color in winter. The season feeling is very important for Kimono.
What should I do after putting off the Kimono?
A. First, please hang the Kimono and dry it in the shade for half day or one day. And then you can fold it.
Can I wear accessories?
A. You can wear rings, necklace and earrings, but please wear simple and elegant accessories. However, accessories are not allowed in a tea party.
My shawl is not for Kimono.Is that ok?
A. Shawl for western dress is also ok.
Can I wear Komon Kimono for my friend’s wedding ceremony?
A. Komon Kimono is suitable if it is not a very high-class hall. But you should be careful for that the pattern of Obi must match your Kimono.
Can I dress a Sakura pattern Kimono even it’s not Sakura season now?
A. Sure, you can. But it will be better if Kimono can match the season, or a little bit earlier than the flower time。Besides, visiting Sakura related place will be perfect.
The weather forecast said it would be raining on the day I wear Kimono. Is there anything special I should pay attention to?
A. Rainy day is the biggest rival of Kimono。You must put on raincoat when you go outside and the cover for Kimono shoes.
Can I dress polyester Kimono for the dinner party in high-class restaurants?
A. Komon (casual) Kimono is also ok, but we strongly recommend Shoukenn (formal) Kimono for this kind of place.
What is Tsukesage?
A. This is a type of Kimono between the class of Houmongi(formal) and Komon(casual). It is a convenient Kimono that coordinates Komon Kimono with Houmongi Obi.
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