Seasonal recommended course (Houmongi・Tsukesage・Komon)

Seasonal Recommendation in April

Spring has come earlier than usual and sakura is already in full blossom.
Dressed in a kimono featuring sakura which can be worn only in this season, how about hanging out for enjoying the spring weather?

Silk kimono (formal)

  • A black-based kimono with a design of sakura, pine, bamboo and plum.
  • A golden obi-belt with a karakusa (foliage scroll) pattern.

A flurry of cherry blossoms is depicted on a black and formal silk kimono. This splendid kimono definitely will draw others’ attention.

Premium kimono (casual)

  • A casual kimono in sakura color with a pattern of four-seasonal flowers.
  • A dyed Nagoya obi of Chirimen (Crepe textile).

The pretty kimono in sakura color would brighten up the atmosphere.
The obi with takara-zukushi (a traditional design using various treasures) enhances the charm of kimono.

Other kimonos are here.

Silk kimono (formal)

Premium kimono (casual)

*The merchandise in the picture may be lent out. Hoping for your understanding.

*The picture is only part of the merchandise, please feel free to have a preview of other.

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