Seasonal recommended course (Houmongi·Tsukesage·Komon)

- Let Our Kimono Light Up Your Autumn (November) -

You can easily feel the seasonal change in Japan.
Come and enjoy our kimono in different patterns and colors.
Let’s enjoy this abundant autumn in kimonos!


  • Ancient purple based kimono with maple patterns. Decorated with a belt with golden flowers.
  • Experience the abundance of the heart with this luxurious Homongi kimono.


  • Purple kimono with design of emblem used in gift giving Japanese and seasonal flowers. Decorated with a bag-shaped belt with Manju Chrysanthemum.
  • Suitable for mothers for its elegance.


  • Deep brown kimono with Inden’s diamond-shape patterns. Decorated with a Nanten’s Shiose bleached Nagoya belt.
  • A plain base color with a head-turning Shiose bleached belt.
  • A stylish color which can be used by both young adults and the elderly.

*The merchandise in the picture may be lent out. Hoping for your understanding.

*The picture is only part of the merchandise, please feel free to have a preview of other.

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